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Learn from many of the leading innovators behind the second wave of ‘the digital disruption of food delivery’. This time round, Food Safety and Food Sustainability are top of the Agenda!

Shirley Cramer

CEO at Royal Society for Public Health and Institute of Healthcare Management

Tristram Stuart

Author, Speaker and Expert on the Environmental and Social Impacts of Food

John Barnes

Former Head of Local Delivery at the Food Standards Agency, Strategic Adviser Shield Safety Group

Hear from 50 Renowned Experts, Innovators and Entrepreneurs

Our Speakers and Panellists, renowned experts and innovators, addressing the challenges brought by the digital disruption of food delivery and helping you innovate the future of food delivery, sustainably and safely 

A Few of Our Leading Topics

Tristram Stuart - Food Delivery, Food Systems - Priorities for Transformation

Hear from Tristram Stuart, an international award-winning author, speaker, campaigner and expert on the environmental and social impacts of food waste, discuss food delivery – the need for change and the priorities for transformation

Royal Society for Public Health - The future of food delivery

Hear from Shirley Cramer, CEO at the Royal Society for Public Health and Institute of Healthcare Management, talk about their vision of what a food delivery system looks like when it is designed to protect the public health

Keeping Meals Hot

Hear from entrepreneurs and innovators working on food safety systems that allow meals to be kept hot and tracked from restaurant to home

Sustainable Packaging Systems

Hear from packaging specialists launching fully compostable packaging solutions and return to source systems

Food Safety and Changes to UK Law

Hear from Food Safety Legal Professionals on the challenges that will be faced by Delivery Providers on their terms and conditions and on the official waivers included in their contracts

Keeping Meals 'Food Safe' in Restaurants

Hear from Food Service Equipment Manufacturers designing and developing equipment that will keep meals at the right temp in restaurants as they await collection – no more cold food!

Auditing and Tracking Systems - Recallability

Hear from Blockchain innovators creating auditing and tracking systems that allow food products to be recalled at a moments notice and provide consumers with ‘consent to receive’ capability

New Food Service Delivery Standards

Hear from Food Safety Professionals and Food Standards Publishers as they outline the need for change in regulation to secure the safety of food on the move

Restaurant - Delivery - System Integration

Hear from Food Management Systems developers arguing the case for the next wave of food delivery systems – fully integrated into restaurant based food production and stock level systems

Last Mile Delivery Innovation and Sustainable Communities

Hear from Innovators in Last Mile Delivery Launch Local to Local Delivery Systems – Communities Defending Their High Streets – Systems Called Take-Back

Circular Economy and Sustainability - Radical Change to Delivery Systems

Hear from Circular Economy and Sustainability Professionals on the radical changes coming to Logistics and Food – Getting it right by removing redundancy and reduplication from our food delivery transport models

Food Waste Reduction Systems

Hear from two leading and highly innovative food waste reduction platforms set to transform our understanding, tolerance and need for waste – waste no more

Food Delivery Certification Schemes

Hear about the Private and Public Sector proposals to create Food Safety Certification Schemes for both Restaurants and Food Delivery Providers required to operate – licensing delivery