Innovating the future of food delivery...


Innovating the Future of Food Delivery

Working with innovators on the collaborative tools set to improve the sustainability and safety of food delivery.
Join us for the second wave of the digital disruption of food delivery!

The arrival of online Food Delivery Platforms has brought greater choice and convenience and revolutionised the way we purchase and access food. The capability of ordering food for delivery with a single tap of your mobile phone, whether it be your weekly supply, a meal box or a hot and ready to eat meal is the result of a series of digital innovations that have as yet to run their full course.

While bringing great commercial opportunity for many, food delivery is also posing challenges for operators and consumers alike. Adapting to these changes, food suppliers, food retailers and foodservice operators the world over are hastening to transform their operations while anticipating further and more radical changes to come. Food delivery changes everything.

What if it were possible to assemble a group of experts, all of whom had thought long and hard about the challenges and opportunities arising from the age of food delivery?

What if it were possible to work with pioneers, leaders and specialists in the industry to understand how food delivery works and to also see what its future is likely to be? 

What are the challenges and how are they to be managed? How do we best ensure that the food that we deliver is safe? How do we support and maintain our local markets? How do we improve our food systems and how do we innovate for change, where change is required?

What if we could do much more than merely solve the problems of the moment? What if, having assembled a group of innovators and experts, we could begin to create the future systems of food delivery together?

Why not join our group leading entrepreneurs, sustainability and food safety specialists to help create the future systems of food delivery, food delivered safely and sustainably?

Food on the Move Today

Leading Food Service Innovators, Entrepreneurs and Food Safety Experts Innovating the Future of Food Delivery

The Future of Food Delivery

Together, we can design, develop and implement food delivery systems that promote food safety and sustainability. We can eliminate the use of inappropriate packaging and improve our foodservice equipment. We can ensure that food labels which authenticate food items, always travel with the product. We can collaborate and create solutions that help restaurants and food retailers manage their food delivery requirements, sustainably and safely.

Open Innovation and Change

Using an Open Innovation approach, Food on the Move encourages collaborative partnerships and an open exchange of ideas and information to help design and promote the introduction of highly innovative food service systems that improve product quality, provide full traceability of product, streamline and optimise operations, are designed with optimal sustainability credentials in mind and guarantee the safety of the product for consumers.

New Food Service Standards

Food on the Move invites and supports open dialogue between food service practitioners, food equipment manufacturers and food safety regulators to develop new operational and performance standards that will help us improve food safety, advance the capabilities of our food delivery systems and provide commercial benefit for businesses and consumers alike. Implementing new food delivery systems, maintaining quality and keeping food safe.

The Second Wave of the Digital Disruption of Food Delivery - Smart Tech, Smart Ordering, Informed Consumers

Hot Food Holding - Restaurant to Home - Seamlessly Integrated Hot Holding Delivery Systems
Cloud Kitchens - offering smart food production environments for food delivery start-ups and caterers
Delivery Food Labelling - food product always travels with tamper proof labels (allergens, ingredients)
Food Product Traceability Systems - food safe systems for product recall
Delivery Platforms Launch Compostable Only Packaging and Return to Source Systems
Open Delivery Networks - Local to Local Delivery Platforms - Public Service Food Delivery Models
Blockchain enabled food delivery platforms - providing transparency and keeping food secure, safe, sustainable
Holding and Transporting at temp

Learn about new food equipment, designed to hold and transport quality product, safely and sustainably

Cloud Kitchens for food delivery start-ups

Learn about cloud kitchens, offering smart food production environments for food delivery start-ups and caterers

Blockchain Traceability Systems

Learn how food delivery platforms are using blockchain to help keep food secure, safe and more sustainable

Food Packaging Waste = 0

Learn about food packaging systems that remove all packaging waste

Eliminating Food Waste

Learn about the smart food management systems that identify food waste before it is too late

Food Safety Systems Link with Delivery

Learn about the food safety systems, being integrated into food delivery platforms to keep food safe and secure