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We Welcome Sponsorship - Here's Why

The Programme:

The conference program has been carefully devised to address all areas within the food delivery system that are in need of change and innovation. We have assembled a group of Experts, Keynote Speakers, Panellists, Special Guests and Invitees who will bring their much needed insight and focus to begin work on improving our food delivery systems. Working with a select handful of solution providers to ensure a balanced perspective on each topic, we provide sponsors with a truly unique platform from which to inform their own projects and initiatives.

The Audience:

​Our audience consists of Researchers in the Circular Economy, Logistics and Systems Developers, Leading Food Service Professionals, Food Standards Bodies, Caterers, Restaurant Owners and Retail Associations, Health and Safety Professionals, Food Delivery Providers, Mealkit Providers, Consumer Associations, Community and Food Sustainability Advocates, Food Service Trade Associations, Food Service Equipment Manufacturers and Independent Consultants. Our model puts 250 key individuals from the food industry in the audience, providing a highly qualified platform to broaden your innovation capabilities and build brand awareness.

The Method:

We provide support to innovative partnerships and make arrangements for suitable introductions. It is often difficult to bridge the gap between developing innovation in-house and working across multiple businesses on open innovation projects with leading specialists. We aim to make this transition much simpler by helping interested professionals cross that divide. The conference network allows speakers and guests to ask questions, enhance their knowledge base and secure important and vital partnerships.


Share Our Platform

Share a platform during our networking breaks to position your company as a thought leader in the space

Form New Partnerships

Form new partnerships with companies offering complementary technology and services to improve your proposition

Meet Start-Ups and Decision Makers

Meet and do business with senior-level decision makers from startups through to long established enterprises.

Promote Brand Awareness

Promote awareness of your brand through our exhibition, branding and speaking opportunities

Generate Targeted Leads

Work with us to generate qualified, targeted leads to follow up with pre and post conference

Launch Your New Concept

Launch your latest products to industry and media and gain unprecedented exposure for your solutions


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