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Addressing Risk – Turning the Tables, A Shared Approach

27 Mar 2019
14:00 - 14:30

Addressing Risk – Turning the Tables, A Shared Approach

Current and former riders for UberEats, Deliveroo and Foodora state that they have unsafe working conditions and uncertain insurance cover. Restaurant owners say that they cannot and should not be solely liable for the safety of food product, once it has been collected by the delivery driver and left their restaurant. Food Delivery Platforms insist that restaurants sign service agreements that oblige them, the restaurants, to be fully liable for the safety of the food product. How can these points of view be aligned to ensure customer welfare?

Shouldn’t risk, when two or more parties are involved, be mutually addressed? Why should restaurants shoulder the full responsibility for the food safety of their products when the way in which a product travels and what happens to it, during its journey, is beyond their control? Who is responsible when things go wrong during last mile delivery? Who ensures that it has not been tampered with or that it is the product you ordered?

Could it be that we need assurance schemes that will clearly identify the responsibility of all parties involved in the food delivery process? In this panel, we look into how this might come about. Join our experts, Cesare Varallo, leading International Food Law and Food Regulation expert and Betsy Reid, Sustainability & Innovation Strategist as they shape a new approach – Aligning Food Delivery with Food Safety, Food Law and Mutual Insurance Schemes to make them work for all.

Join us in welcoming this bold and highly innovative proposal.