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Day 1
27 Mar 2019
9:00 - 9:30

Registration (Coffee, Tea, etc)

Welcome and Framing Remarks

Opening Remarks – The arrival of online food delivery platforms, bringing greater choice and convenience, has revolutionised the way we purchase and consume food. The capability of ordering food for...
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Food Delivery Systems – Extending Capabilities, Provoking Change

Presentations and Panel Discussion –  Lynn Wilson FRSA – Food Delivery Systems and the Circular Economy – looking at what such a system might look like Nick Hucker – Preoday:...
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Nick Brown
Neil Bradley
Lynn Wilson, FRSA
Nick Hucker
James O’Sullivan

Equipment Innovation – Securing Food on the Move

Presentations and Panel Discussion –  Keith Warren – CESA – Food Equipment Innovation: Restaurant Design in the Age of Delivery – getting it right from the start Gareth Newton –...
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Marc Reutter
Simon Baden
Keith Warren
Mick Steele

Food Delivery, Food Systems – Priorities for Transformation

Opening Keynote Address – Tristram Stuart is an international award-winning author, speaker, campaigner and expert on the environmental and social impacts of food waste. His books have been described as...
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Tristram Stuart
11:30 -11:45

Networking and Coffee Break

New Technologies – Traceability, Recall, Recoverability

Presentations and Panel Discussion –  Paul Yewman – PostTag CEO – Innovation in The Last Mile Dan McGlynn – Authenticate IS – Traceability Requirements: Evolving Platforms Menno van Ginkel –...
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Kirsten Coppoolse
Menno van Ginkel
Paul Yewman
Michele Nati, PhD
Dan McGlynn

Packaging & Labelling – Creating Systems of Sustainability and Transparency

Presentations and Panel Discussion – Peter Jackson, Avery Dennison – Labelling and Traceability: RFID and Traceability Stephen Pugh, MD, Labelling Consultants – Food Labelling and the Challenges of Food Delivery...
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Adam Petyt
Paul Jenkins
Julian Edwards, FIH, FCSI, CFSP
Stephen Pugh
Peter Jackson

Food Safety Standards in the Age of Food Delivery

Keynote Address –  John is a Former Senior Civil Servant with extensive experience developing and delivering food safety controls, including relevant legislation and guidance at a national and international level....
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John Barnes
13:15 - 14:00

Networking and Lunch

Addressing Risk – Turning the Tables, A Shared Approach

Current and former riders for UberEats, Deliveroo and Foodora state that they have unsafe working conditions and uncertain insurance cover. Restaurant owners say that they cannot and should not be...
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Betsy Reed
Cesare Varallo

UK & EU Food Safety Law and Food Delivery: Rewriting the Law

Presentations and Panel Discussion –  Marta Cesar, IFIS – Food Safety and the Challenges Brought by Food Delivery Dr M Hazel Gowland, University of Southampton Medicine – Food Delivery, Food...
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Erica Sheward
Jessica Burt
Dr Hazel Gowland
Lisa Ackerley
Marta Cesar

Voice of the Entrepreneur: Fair Systems – from Local Markets to Urban Life

Presentations and Panel Discussion –  Dean Kennett – Managing Director of Fooditude – Local Food, Sustainable and Safe – Creating a Deep Dive Food Business for our Changing World, Locally...
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Richard Murray
Dean Kennett

Technologies of the Future – Focusing on the Restaurant Client

Keynote Address – Thomas is the Founder of, which launched its first site in Denmark with in 2010. Since that time has worked to enlarge the base of...
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Thomas Cort Hansen
16:00 - 16:15

Networking and Coffee Break

New Standards – Facilitating Foodservice Innovation

Presentations and Panel Discussion –  Helen Statham, Operations Manager at Ealing Council – Facts from the Ground – Working to Address the Challenges Sarah Walton, Governance & Resilience Market Development Manager –...
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Darryl Thomson
Helen Statham
Sarah Walton
Barbara Bray
Richard Werran
Bertrand Emond
John O’Brien

Innovating the Future of Food Delivery – Systemic Change and You

Presentations and Panel Discussion –  Mr. Faers, CEO at Good Sense Research – Food Product Development and Innovation for Food Delivery Dr Manoj Dora, Senior Lecturer, Operations & Supply Chain...
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Gudrun Cartwright
Andrew Stephen
Dr. Manoj Dora
Mike Faers

Reinventing Food Delivery – 5 Principles, 5 Innovations

Innovators’ Panel – Rebecca Wetten – Karma, Head of Hotels, Restaurants & Cafes – Food Delivery, Food Waste: Integrating Systems to Keep Unsold Food from Being Wasted Annette Burgard – Founder...
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Byron Dunne
Rebecca Wetten
Anette Burgard
Jessica Spadacini
Philip Verey
Francesca Miazzo
Dominic Allport
Mick Steele

The Future of Delivery – Protecting the Public Health

Closing Keynote Address –  Shirley Cramer is an experienced voluntary sector leader in both the UK and the USA and has also held non-executive positions in both countries in the...
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Shirley Cramer

Summing Up and Main Take-Aways!

Closing Remarks –  Improving our food production, distribution and service industries is one of the major challenges of our time. With security risks, pervasive hunger, malnutrition, obesity and environmental degradation...
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Mark McGlinn