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The age of food delivery has arrived and it is changing the food service sector as never before. While providing great commercial opportunity, it has also introduced challenges to the way food is produced, packaged and delivered. Food safety, food sustainability and consumer well being are now the key focus of the next wave of innovation in food delivery. 


Partnering with Sustainability Practitioners, Food Service Equipment Manufacturers, Food Safety Specialists, Logistics Providers, Standards Agencies, Packaging Specialists and Innovators in Food Management Systems, we offer expert guidance on the design, development and operation of new Food Delivery Platforms, enabled to solve the challenges of food safety and sustainability.



Learn about our latest successes and about the collaborative tools being leveraged to improve food delivery operations. Get in touch to keep up-to-date on the developments in Standards and Regulation to meet the challenges ahead. Learn about the technologies and services set to improve the sustainability and safety of food delivery, disrupting the Disruptors.

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Food Safety and Sustainability in Last Mile Delivery

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Food on the Move collaborates with innovation and sustainability leaders, businesses, technologists, researchers, developers and individuals to improve the sustainability and safety of food delivery systems. If you believe, as we do, that by working together, we can achieve great improvements in our food systems for the betterment of all, please get in touch

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